Concept development (photo: The Tubing Project, Flickr)

Your project needs the best people in every profession. You need a realistic budget and a schedule that can take you to the finish line. Proper project management is often the difference between failure and success.

Digital development or web development is a broad area which in practice comprises several parts. When a web project goes from digital strategy to the concrete – “making a website” or “making an app” – you begin with web design, coding HTML and CSS, programming, back-end development, load tests and more. In a small project not all parts are equally comprehensive, but to some extent, the process is the same regardless of the size of what you want to accomplish.

Independence in platforms and technologies

Today, you can get almost anything you can dream of in a website or an app. “Can you do it?” That’s no longer the decisive question, but to prioritize among all the possibilities – and choosing the right technology. How can you know what is the right technology for you? Fundamental to a successful investment is to choose a sustainable technical solution.

Make sure that what you do is to continue to develop.

We develop websites, apps and more, with most technologies and platforms, including:

  • Drupal
  • EPiServer
  • SiteVision
  • WordPress

And above all, we put together and lead teams, that in each and every situation is made up of those that are most appropriate for each task.

Project management made easy by working with the best

We are independent of the technology and the platform used in the project.

When we put together a team we choose to work with the best in each area. It is of course easy to say, but harder to tell with credibility. Crucial for a good project is still that all involved are doing the right things the right way at the right time. That makes life easier for the project manager and you will notice it in the result.

Digital development is a big and bushy forest. What is the best solution in a project can be directly wrong in another. Please get in touch and we can discuss what your needs are.

Photo: Sorting and discussing the feedback from the user test by The Tubing Project (CC BY 2.0)

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