Portabla Media is a digital strategy agency in Stockholm. We help you achieve goals with websites, apps and social media. Learn more about Portabla Media.

We work mainly with digital management, the strategic part of web development that takes careĀ of the whole chain of your “web presence”. We find out what your visitors really looks like and what they really want to do. We examine how we can put together your business goals with those of your users.

The most important thing for us is to achieve goals. And that what we do is meaningful, that it really contributes to a better user experience and better business.

We have experience from web projects in business, non-profit organizations and the public sector. Our clients include organizational consultants, publishers, government agencies, museums, architects, construction curators, trade associations, trade unions, educational associations, transport companies, conference facilities, development companies and others.

The company was founded in 1992 by Magnus Nilsson, and we are currently working on assignments in Sweden and the United States.

Want to improve your website? Please contact us, and maybe we can do it together.

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