Since 2015, Portabla Media has been a sponsor of Hayley Lauder in Glasgow City and the Scottish national team. After some time out of the international spotlight, Hayley is now back in the national team squad.

Stubbornness and hard work pays off. Football player Hayley Lauder has been with top Scottish club Glasgow City FC since December 2014 and has been a regular member of the national squad throughout her career.

Competition in women’s football is growing fast and furious. The top men’s clubs have created women’s sections, investing in players and facilities, and Glasgow City are far from unchallenged in their home league. Clubs that only a decade ago invited girls and women to play spontaneous football are now playing in the top league. Even in the national team, competition is fierce.

Hayley Lauder, whom Portabla Media has been sponsoring since 2015, has been left out of the national team and sometimes not even a regular starter in the club team. Without complaining, she has stuck with it and continued to do her best. This has resulted in a special position in the club team and a role as team captain.

And tonight, Hayley Lauder is back in the Scottish national team squad to face Belgium away in the UEFA Women’s Nations League.

Well done, Hayley, and good luck!

Portabla Media supports women’s football and is sponsoring Hayley Lauder for the 2023/2024 season.

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