The first day of Quantified Self 2017 was just as uplifting and exhaustive as you could expect. A conference you definitely do not want to miss.

One of the most exciting conferences for a digital strategist to attend is the one arranged by the Quantified Self network, usually taking place in either San Francisco or Amsterdam. I go to fair amount of conferences, meetups and seminars and in this case it takes me less than ten minutes to get super excited by the conversations with people who are all very open-minded regarding the use of data, whether it is by means of computers or not.

However, the pace of a quantified self conference is high. Trying to write something meaningful from the often short – but insightful – delvings of the participants is close to impossible. Therefore, I only give you my tweets from today, and hope you’ll dig deeper into the people and cases behind these samples.

Here’s the full program of the Quantified Self conference in Amsterdam 2017.

Robin Weis on tracking crying as a cry-baby

Martijn de Groot on celebrating 5 years with the Quantified Self Institute

Ahnjili ZhuParris on tracking psychedelic experiences

Justin Timmer tracks just about everything, and it’s all coming up fractals

Andreas Schreiber talked about comics and strokes

Laila Zemrani on the benefits of experience yourself in 3D

Treasure or trash? How about crowddeciding when you turn 40?

Building an app that tells you you’re great – or what to improve

Just because your carbon footprint is low, you’re not likely sustainable

And here’s something to make it better:

Will small doses of drugs make you more social and more efficent?

Tomorrow is another day, as the saying goes.

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