Digital strategy (photo: Magnus Nilsson)

Strategy is about mapping out a path that leads to a goal. It’s a map that will be based on facts, not hopes. If you have done the groundwork properly, a digital strategy can be your dearest friend.

Digital strategy is a business plan for your digital channels

Imagine that you are starting a business. If you need help from the bank, the first thing they’ll ask for is a business plan. Any investor wants to determine whether your idea is realistic or not. Are there customers out there, or are you just dreaming? Is the target audience interested in what you have to offer?

A digital strategy has the same objectives as a business plan. Skip the strategic groundwork, and you have a great risk of needing to patch up along the way.

Look upon your digital strategy with the same critical eyes as an investor examines your business plan. The strategy must be able to withstand tough questions, it must be based on facts and insights – and should be clinically relieved of wishful thinking.

Stop redoing, start improving

Many companies, authorities and organizations remake their websites about every three years, and each time everyone is hoping that the new version will solve what has not worked in the past. Do you recognize yourself? If you just remake without connecting to a sustainable strategy, you’ll soon have to remake again.

A strategy should not sit in a binder, it should be out working. For you and what you want to achieve.

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